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Tequila Sunrise

by Super American

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    Track Listing:
    1. Coconut Shrimp
    2. Commitment Issues
    3. Hands Down Olivia
    4. Neon Lights
    5. Sleeping In Jeans
    6. Estoy Eternamente Lo Siento
    7. Casino Blonde
    8. Cig (Interlude)
    9. Baby Blue
    10. Date (You Got Blisters)
    11. Givin It Up
    12. Chris From Walmart
    13. Mike Taxi

    Includes unlimited streaming of Tequila Sunrise via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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i kinda miss chillin with my homies but it’s really nice to have someone to hold me. what i need to do is find myself a balance between warming up the cat and running errands. oh lord. i need to get better with my money cuz the way i live.. man, it’s not even funny. if i wanna eat, i gotta swallow pennies. sometimes i think how could morgan even love me. i’m alright — every little thing on the inside is dragging me a bit, but i’m alright. i’m living in a shell, but i’m alright. i need to get back in with my cousins. while i’m at it, i should learn some better lovin’. i would hate to lose the one that keeps it buzzin’, but you gotta feed the wolf to keep it comin’. i miss my single green eyes, biceps that were twice this size, always running on my time, (being) cool with paul and poli sci.
i’ve got two girls wearing one of my sweatshirts an approximate two thirds across the united states i guess i could choose one i don’t wanna have to i thought that i grew up and out of playing games you’ve been there for me even when you didn’t have to i’ve been bad to you lord knows i didn’t want to i wish everything wasn’t so complicated and i wasn’t scared to death of making commitment back to reality, check i miss when you would text me right back i just sent a few i know that you read if it wasn’t for me you’d be in my bed i know it’s my fault i ghosted, backed off i can’t blame you for hating me
i’ve got a thing for girls in sneakers, man (i’m a big fan) and she told me that she teaches dance (she teaches dance) i like to think there’s rhythm in my size 29 pants guess i’ll show her when i have the chance (i have the chance) i’m not sure if i love her so (i love her so) guess i’ll wait til i see her at a show (won’t let her go) i swore that i’d stop leaning on the internet so i’ll wait til i see her again (see her again) when it comes to love i doubt i have an interest but if you asked right now who my favorite girl is it’d be hands down olivia so you’re living in fredonia (that’s so far away) but i really feel like holding ya (come stay at my place) the very first night i noticed ya some dumbass kissed you on the cheek now he won’t be seeing any more of ya (cause now you’re with me)
Neon Lights 02:39
i know i shouldn’t smoke but i got like fifteen drags inside my chest. i know i should be running instead but got high all day, got lost in bed. i’m somewhere outside. i know you only get what you give. you can’t hide from that, can’t run from it. i know i should be back on the weights but my legs go numb when the weed high hits. sometimes at night, i’ll blur the line. my baby’s eyes, they’re neon lights and i know you only get what you give. can’t hide from that, can’t run from it.
my friends are sick and tired of hearing me complaining sleeping on the couch with a dirty blanket i’ve got a broken heart do you know what that means? i’ll be sleeping in my jeans sitting at the bar with tears welling up in my eyes trying to explain what i’m feeling inside i’m living hell and that means i’ll be sleeping in my jeans if i slipped up and called you right now i’m sure you’d be with somebody else you act like we never happened you’re so good at lying to yourself if i slipped up and called you right now i’m sure you’d be with somebody else i bet you still use my phrases why can’t you just ever be yourself? it’s easier to hate somebody than to miss them so thank you for being an asshole so i can finally let this go
shine a little light. share your medicine. there’s a candle on 2nd still burning through the window’s lens, through the mirror’s mind. where i tried to rinse off on the inside. found me circled in an almanac. neatly marked as sagittarius. very rarely astrological. never rounded on the outer edge. it was either at a summer camp or the ion, had to drive you back. if it wasn’t university, then it’s raymondo’s pizzeria hat. didn’t mean to sin. wish i never did. read the motto on a license plate and dug into the hardest part. tried to find the fit. tried to dance across the minor notes blinded. had another look. sat at fireman’s. had to squint so tight not to fold in.
being available is so unattractive i prefer my women sociopathic being a good girl won’t get you remembered come on, put my heart in a blender theresa keeps saying i need to stop dating girls who post selfies every other day she’s head over heels for this dude at her job he likes to do it five times a night and twice more in the morning — oh my god … sounds like quite the romantic that redefines the term sexually active being a good girl won’t get you remembered go on, put your heart in a blender i’m still hung up on the same girl casino blonde taurus, gemini i should have done my research before i tried gemini woman, taurus man google search, i understand gemini woman, taurus man one google search & now i understand
Baby Blue 03:03
what’s the point in all of this if you’ll just move to california? why bend metal all day long and take on shit i can’t afford? why take pictures of ourselves, just trying to show off for our exes? don’t play stupid, don’t play dumb. i know you two are still connected. hey, it’s cool — i got one, too. i still miss the one i shit on. summer flowers pushing through my deep depression — baby blue. pretty boys all go r.i.p. so… don’t go fucking me up cuz it took three years to get better. i won’t try to hold on forever. i’m clean cut dead in the center. hey, it’s cool — i got one, too. i just saw the one i shit on. smirking while we’re staring through. different location, same tattoo.
we went on a date we walked and tried to conversate you got blisters you didn’t ask me anything but you still saw my apartment and you still met my roommate i’m still trying to figure you out but that might be in vain we went to the bar and you ordered a water i ordered a beer and then ordered another you got blisters and didn’t even numb the pain it got me thinking what the fuck could this mean? i’m still trying to figure you out but that might be in vain
Givin It Up 02:14
i’m givin’ it up cuz you’re too hard on me, babe. i’m no dove. i’ve never claimed to be but she has done stranger shit than me. the little girl that i once loved has got the reputation — a little hippie in the blood. the little girl that i once loved has got the reputation — a little hookah in the lungs and then she walks around like she wrote the constitution. standing tall and proud. little girl no longer known.
oh, chris i really am so sorry that i stole your chick i bet the highlight of your shift was her black mascara and her cherry lips she’s been sleeping in my bed i’m sorry she’s been sleeping in my bed she’s been sleeping in my bed i’m sorry she said you were salty on her last trip oh, chris i bet you needed a cleanup on aisle six the first time you saw those hips and her brown eyes handing you a bag of chips well you deserve someone who appreciates your pickup lines yeah, you deserve a girl who actually texts you back sometimes chris from walmart you deserved a better fate chris from walmart, yeah not all heroes wear capes
Mike Taxi 01:54
i got a guy who comes and picks me up. it’s twenty five from here to canada. i’m high as hell, he doesn’t seem to mind cuz mike taxi’s my guy. he knows the area better than anyone. he’s from ethiopia— man, i’d say quite the ride. it’s just another night of cruising with mike. when me and mo are three sheets to the wind, she’s taking pulls off of a cigarette. i’m drunk as hell. i don’t know the alphabet, but i know who to call. take me to paradise. take me to practice, mike. could really use the ride, man. mike taxi’s my guy. it’s just another night of cruising with mike.


Two fatally flawed human beings carrying each other. Super American is a genre-defying pop duo from Buffalo, New York who subscribe to the sentiments of indie and emo while embracing the social consciousness of pop giants Blink 182 & Oasis.

The 13 track set perfectly showcases Super American's penchant for hooks and memorable lyrics , with the album containing extremely catchy songs that could easily be ripped from the soundtrack of a late 90's/early 2000's romantic comedy. This is further punctuated by both Pat Feely and Matt Cox trading vocals throughout the record, allowing both of their unique, personality filled voices to shine and resonate with the listener.

SUPER AMERICAN is Pat Feely and Matt Cox.

“Tequila Sunrise” is out now via Take This To Heart Records


released September 14, 2018

All songs that appear on Tequila Sunrise were written and produced by Super American. Tequila Sunrise was engineered and mixed by Jay Zubricky at GCR Studio - located in the fine city of Buffalo, NY.

Matthew Cox - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice, shaker, tambourine, TV set, iPhone.
Patrick Feeley - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, voice, drum programming, sample editing, percussion.
Sam Checkoway - drum kit, bongos, auxiliary percussion.


all rights reserved



Super American Buffalo, New York

SUP out 10.22

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